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Professional video and audio services

Video production auckland, When it comes to video, we here at Virtually Famous have you covered. We can film your clients and brand in 4k high definition with some of the latest equipment for all your video production Auckland needs.We set out to make sure you or those being filmed feel at ease in front of the camera. A lot of this comes down to the cameraman and the director of photography on set. 

We have a way with people that can put your mind at ease, as well as many years experience understanding what needs to be said to enable you to get your lines out clearly and with an authentic natural feel. What this means for you is no ‘deer in headlights’, look. We can produce films for all markets, social media ready, and of course we can help you storyboard the ideas. It might seem like a daunting task, and you may think to yourself why choose professional video over photography alone.

Figures in recent research suggest a 28% increase in brand engagement and suggest 80% of people would prefer to watch a video then read information. There is literally no excuse for not having video production as one of your marketing and content campaigns. 

We have seen an 85% increase in people purchasing or using services after watching a company or product video. It’s all about building trust and coming across as a professional in your field. This is why Instagram has released IGTV to grab the ever growing video market.  We can also manage and create all your photography for events in Auckland.

A Few of our video projects.


We have experience in a vast array of video cameras and equipment, everything from Sony to Blackmagic Cinema cameras and various video capable drone cameras such as the DJI X5s

Of course! if you have your own in house editing team or you yourself are capable we can provide you with the unedited footage.

Here at Virtually Famous we are capable and experienced with editing, colour correcting and producing completed videos with professional audio.  Video & audio from multiple mixed sources such as ambient sound and lav mics. All of which can be guided and influenced by your personal opinion and goals.  

Ollie is a drone operator with a huge amount of experience and regularly fly’s his drone within restricted areas for multiple clients including Auckland International Airport.

We have a Dji Inspire 2 Drone with ample batteries for those long projects and experience using numerous on board cameras. Rest assured from Video to Photography we have all your drone projects covered. 

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