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Photography & video company Auckland. You may be thinking to yourself; who are these beautiful people?! Don't be mistaken, we are not models, together though, we do have over 25 years of professional Photography and content creation experience. 

Photography and videography have become very mainstream, and the market quickly became saturated almost overnight in the digital age. What sets us apart here at VirtuallyFamous is our history and experience. We have been a professional company helping Kiwi businesses and brands fulfill all their creative needs since 2003 in Auckland. That old cliché of time and experience shines through is very apparent in the way we work. 

You won't find us setting style trends in clothing or sporting the latest yeezy's. We have come to realise that an overly dominant façade on our part could really change the atmosphere of the 
shoot; we prefer a cool, collective approach to our work ethic and the way we act around our clients. 

You will no doubt find Ollie sporting his Star Wars t-shirts with jeans and trainers at some point if no dress code is required of course! Ollie’s direct subtle guidance is all that is needed sometimes for our clients to relax in their skin, to show a true reflection of themselves on camera. Ollie radiates a calm and welcoming aura. This makes a world of difference to our clients, and even more so to the people with lights and cameras facing them.

Send us an email, phone for a chat or meet us for a coffee, you will gather all you need to know about us here at virtually famous pretty quick. We consider ourselves an investment and time well spent and certainly more than a service. 
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Ollie is a professional photographer and videographer based in Auckland. Ollie established Virtually Famous in 2003, servicing clients in corporate video, aerial cinematography, Steadicam and all visual content. Ollie is the official, and only, photographer for Auckland Airport

Recognised as a Master of Photography he is the NZIPP president partaking in photography judging and awards ceremonies. The NZIPP is New Zealands only photographic institute that provides an Accreditation process for Professional Photographers, the NZIPP is a growing professional body in its 79th year. 

“I’m proud to be on a Board that has already made a huge impact on the photography industry, and I’m looking forward to the opportunities that an ever-changing photographic environmenteamt provides."

Ollie joined the crew on the epic Lost Clipper Project as a documentary filmmaker.  He travelled to Micronesia at the end of January 2018 in order to rewrite history and close the cold case of a PanAm plane and 15 souls missing since 1938. Respected and knowledgable Ollie is certainly well known in the photographic community. 

For more about Ollie visit his timeline of Virtually Famous
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Kraig's experience is in multiple fields of visual media, from photography and video on the ground to flying quadcopters in countless countries. Kraig has a background in retouching and preparing work for digital viewing and printed media. He is able to cut, trim and colour grade beautiful videos in DaVinci Resolve, and produce astounding content. Kraig studied photography and graphics design at the University Of East London and hasn’t looked back since. 

Kraig’s Background in Marketing and sales varies from bespoke artwork for clients in Melbourne to Marketing and publishing books for the European market. 

Don't be fooled by Kraig's thick English accent, he calls New Zealand home, his pronunciation just doesn't quite know it yet! Here at VirtuallyFamous, we have your production needs catered for.

“ Im that guy who carries all of his camera gear and his drone around on his travels, twenty kilos of camping equipment plus ten odd kilos of camera gear. Sounds great until you factor in climbing mountains and crossing fjords in every type of possible weather. Wouldn’t change any of it for the world though”

He considers himself lucky to be in a job which he loves and working with talented and like minded people.
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Amanda is a die-hard photographer, camera always at the ready. Able to shoot intricate objects in the studio to mind-blowing milky way photography incorporating people in the dead of night.
“There’s not really an aspect of photography I can say I dislike, even down to cataloguing images! If I had to label my favourite aspects of my work though, that would have to be travel and commercial photography. “

If I was to sum up Amanda's skill in photography in a short paragraph it would be the 96% she was awarded in the Global Epson Pano awards last year. 

She spent a portion of her career working for a big shot auction house in Central London photographing the bizarre and valuable items from our history.  Amanda can overcome obstacles with lighting, reflective surfaces such as fine silver and any other problem thrown at her. One of her notable endeavours was photographing the death mask of Napoleon. 

She enjoys creative product photography and has experience in family portraiture from her two years in Australia.

Amanda adds a whole level of planning and preparing, she has a love of photography and an eye for detail. 
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