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Building professional photography relationships between reoccurring clients takes trust, trust that the photographer in question can deliver the vision you or your brand have, and be able to produce strong media content that is timeless.

We want to build those bridges with you and give you peace of mind and confidence when you choose to work with Virtually Famous. We can deliver the results you want to see.

For over six years Virtually Famous has been the content creation choice of the Auckland International Airport. Ollie has flown his DJI Inspire2 drone in some of the most restricted airspace possible. By being a capable and precise drone operator, he has managed to capture aerial photography and video of the airport expansion over the six years. 
Ollie has been a cinematographer and director of photography on many projects throughout this time. One memorable occasion was the first plane-to-plane ground refuelling, courtesy of the Qantas 747, a New Zealand first. Ollie Dale is a trusted and respected presence and cinematographer; everything you need from an Auckland based photographer.

"Ollie is an amazing professional at the top of his game. He is technically superb. He has a wonderful way of putting people at ease. He knows what will make a good picture and is capable of creating the right setting."

Gary Pollastrini, Retail services business manager, Auckland Airport