Commercial Photography in Auckland

Commercial Photography in Auckland by Virtually famous. What is fantastic about Virtually Famous is that we can service your commercial photography or events videography needs with ease. We have experience in the field whether it’s a video of a grand opening or likewise creating content for advertising that same opening in many forms.

We have the manpower, skill and knowledge needed to make sure your Content project goes from just an idea on a storyboard to a visual campaign for your brand.

What we set out to acheive is to make you outstanding cinematography or stills for printed flyers and digital or content. If you need aerial shots of a building for commercial lease we have you covered too, or maybe you just need simple PR photos to show your clients in meetings; whatever it might be, rest assured we can help you achieve your media goals! 

“We’ve worked with Ollie on a spectrum of different projects, from filming an adventure across the Tongariro Crossing to the production of professional client videos. It’s great to work with someone who not only meets our specifications but can be fully trusted to use their depth of knowledge, creativity and direction to ensure the outcome is better than you could have envisioned. Thanks for all your work so far, and we look forward to the next project!”

Gemma W, Marketing Coordinator, Designertech

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