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A break down of what we can offer
“Pass on what you have learned.” 
- Yoda
First point of contact and how we plan media content creation

Once you contact us, we can discuss your needs and requirements. After we have all of the details tuned, we will provide a competitive quote for the job. Once approved, we can arrange a convenient time for the work to be carried out, as well as a final content delivery date. Professional and accredited As the owner of Virtually Famous, Ollie dale is a fully accredited member of the NZIPP, (and if you haven’t heard already, he’s also their president!) ensuring your photography or videography is of the highest professional standard. Ollie’s professional attitude and skills mean you can trust in the quality you will receive to suit your business needs.

What we can do before a shoot
When shooting videos or portraits for clients, we often like to set up equipment in advance of the shoot, so we can concentrate on the task at hand. We understand that you might not always have an abundance of time to work with so we aim to make everything as quick and painless for you as we can. When shooting corporate portraits, that means sometimes we might only have a 15 minute window with, say, the director, so its important that we are set up and ready ahead of time to make things work for you. 

 What we can do after content creation
We can take a consultative approach during editing for your business, ensuring our clients receive the finished media they are happy with. We provide proof sheets for larger bodies of work and can offer many services from retouching photos, editing video, creating clipping paths and digital alterations. 

Delivery and storage
Content can be provided via USB by a discussed deadline or retrieved by you from our DropBox link for instant access. We will maintain a copy of your masters and access files for you for 12 months after the shoot, and Raw unedited footage or stills for 3 months post shoot for your peace of mind.