Photos and Videos by Ollie Dale

I started my photographic career aboard a cruise ship in 2001. When I returned to New Zealand in 2003 I set myself up as a freelance photographer, and in 2005 started my company, PhotoNZ Ltd.
In 2008 I joined the NZ Institute of Professional Photography, was the Chairman of the Auckland region in 2009-10, and on the Honours Council from 2010-15.
In that time I achieved the level of Fellow of the NZIPP, and have judged at the Professional Photography Awards in NZ (Iris) and Australia (APPA).
My Clients over the years have included many household names, the largest of which are Mazda, Microsoft, Vodafone, Flight Centre and the Auckland Airport.
I now work 2 days a week at the Auckland Airport, creating photo and video content for their social channels and for all sorts of corporate communications.

The Name

The original “Virtually Famous” was a title for a small documentary I created in 2012, all about how social media was changing the landscape for photographers, and everyone.
I interviewed a number of people who influenced me and asked them about how they used Social Media to grow their brands, interact with followers and become virtually famous.


Ollie Dale

Photographer and Videographer


2017: Began a contract with Auckland Airport, 2 days a week.

2016: Purchased a photographic equipment business, selling on TradeMe.co.nz. Joined Filmcrews to promote my services to the film industry.

2015: Worked with Trey Ratcliff, traveled around the USA in August.
Extensively flew quadcopters/drones for filmmaking purposes.

2014: Three-peated the Fusion Category win, with a short film in a “film noir” style, called “Silence“. I was invited to be an Inception Master at “The Arcanum”, an online Learning Experience, mentoring 20 students from around the World.
Worked extensively with Gorgeous Films, as Camera Operator and DoP on small TVCs and web content for Saatchi and Saatchi, ASB, NZ Defence Force, Kiwirail, etc.

2013: Repeated the Fusion Category win, with a music video by artist Imagine This, called “Hits the Fan“. Winning the Fusion Category 2 years running was a catalyst for a 2-week filming job in Botswana and Namibia following renowned Kiwi travel photographer Chris McLennan through the Wildlife, Culture and Landscapes of Southern Africa.

2012: NZIPP Iris Awards Gold Award for my Fusion piece “Spreading the Love“, achieved Fellow of the NZIPP. My peers also judged me as the Fusion Photographer of the Year.

Started Virtually Famous, the new brand for PhotoNZ Ltd., focusing on Video and Filmmaking services.

2011: Joined the NZIPP Honours Council, and we run the NZIPP Iris Professional Photography Awards every year.

2009: Joined the Auckland NZIPP Committee, and in 2009 and 2010 was the Chairman of the Auckland region.

2008: Joined the NZ Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP).

2005: Founded PhotoNZ Ltd.

2003: Freelance Photographer