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VIRTUALLY FAMOUS – Photography, Filmmaking, Aerial, Steadicam, Slowmotion, Editing



Aspire Buggy Project

Using video elements in a CGI world.

This project was a labour of love – from concept to finished product was about a year, but the client is very happy with it, and working with a 3D artist was a great way to see the idea come to life.


USA: Aerial Highlights

The Best From Above

The USA trip in August 2015 provided some amazing opportunities to be able to fly around and through some amazing cities. This video is a combination of all of the best moments.




Virtually Famous Show Reel

Some of the most fun we’ve had in ages!

From award-winning entries in the annual Iris awards and  TVCs with the All Blacks, to aerial footage giving a new perspective on the world … and our 2015 Show Reel is our best yet!

And with the upcoming “Photo Walk Across the USA” (see below) things are only going to get better!


Trey Ratcliff’s Photo Walk Across The USA

ROADTRIP! Oh yeah…

In August 2015 Trey Ratcliff is Photo Walking across the USA and I mean ACROSS! From NYC to LA, via Chicago and Miami… and a few other cities in between. Luckily for me I have been selected to be his Film Crew on the trip… Madness! Watch this video from NYC and to watch all the updates see the Trey Ratcliff Photo Walk page #TreyUSA.




Virtually Famous on the News!

The longest tunnel in Auckland City is well on the way to completion, and Virtually Famous wanted to show New Zealand what it looks like. We cut through the ‘red tape’, planned the shoot, flew the Inspire 1 through the project . . . and onto the news!

[video file=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/127258659″ height=”25%”][/video]



Virtually Famous now shooting from the air!

Thanks to the AMAZING DJI Inspire, Virtually Famous is now shooting from an airspace near you. We are intent on leading the way in safety in a very cluttered industry, so we have ground-to-air radios, and soon a “Part 102 Exemption” allowing us to fly at night. Check out our 2015 Aerial Showreel for more!




Find A Way – Imagine This

One of New Zealand’s hottest talents has just released a new Music Video, backed by NZ On Air and filmed and edited by Virtually Famous. Check out the latest!


In the news AGAIN!

On August 1st 2015 NZ’s world-leading laws come into effect. The Civil Aviation Authority launched the new laws in Christchurch, NZ, in late July 2015. Guess who was there?



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